1- How does the rental/sale process work?

The process is that we get some information first on the dress, if it gets approved by our marketing team, it will be posted online for the dress to be sold or rented for any bride-to-be all around the world.
If we got a lot of demands on it, we will ask you to bring it to our office in UAE or Lebanon.

2- What are the main services of We Do by Esposa?

We Do by Esposa helps you give your wedding/evening dress a second life by renting out or selling your pre-loved dress online. You can also restyle any of your dresses through We Do by Esposa or donate it to different charities around the world. 

3- Why join our bridal community at We Do by Esposa?

When you join our bridal community through renting out/selling/restyling your wedding gown or evening dress, you are supporting sustainable fashion and its positive impact on the environment. That way, you are reducing waste and decreasing mass production. When donating your dress, you are making other less fortunate girls’ dreams come true. You are also supporting these charities in their missions. Moreover, other girls can now rent or buy affordable dresses through our website. Not to forget that part of We Do by Esposa’s revenue goes out to worldwide charities every year. 

4- What are the details needed if you wish to post your dress on our website?

If you want to post your dress on our website, you’ll need to fill the “become a supplier” form providing information about your dress (Bridal/Evening, Collection year, Color, Size …)

5- What happens if my dress gets approved?

If your dress gets approved, our team will contact you to share the price quotation with you along with the agreement which will be signed from both parties. Once the agreement is signed, your dress will be displayed on our website. Meanwhile, the dress must stay in excellent conditions and cleaned, as another bride might order it at any time, so it must be available and ready any minute. 

6- What is the duration of the agreement?

The contract between We Do by Esposa and the owner is for 1 year, with possibility to be renewed if there was lot of demands on the dress or if the dress was still rented. 

7- What should I do if I want to restyle my dress?

If you wish to restyle your dress, we can help you book an appointment in any of our branches located in Lebanon, UAE or Riyadh with one of our bridal consultants and make the modifications that you want. The cost depends on the kind of modifications made.

8- What happens after donating my dress?

When you donate your dress, you will receive a donation certificate and your dress will be donated to one of the NGOs We Do by Esposa is currently working with: “AHLOUNA”, “Brides for a cause” and “Queens Bridal”.

9- If I become a supplier, how much will I get in return for my dress?

Each dress has a specific quotation set by the management team based on the market studies, style and collection year of the dress, consumer demands and budgets.

10- What happens after my dress is rented or sold?

Once your dress is rented or sold, you will receive an email by one of our team members to deliver the good news to you and get some information to proceed with the payment process. 

11- What are the types of appointments available?

  • In-store appointment – Free:

    After selecting at least 3 dresses, you can choose in which branch you want to take an appointment (Lebanon, Dubai or Riyadh), and we will have the selected dresses ready for you in the chosen location.

  • Virtual appointment – Free:

    You can book an online appointment to see the collection.

  • Home appointment – Paid:

    You can request up to 3 dresses to be delivered to your house to try them on. If you’re located in Lebanon or Dubai, a driver will be delivering the dresses with a timeline of 3 hours to try them on, with the help of one of our assistants. 

If you’re outside Lebanon or UAE, you’ll be expected to pay the shipping fees and place a deposit as a guarantee. The dresses will be picked up by DHL 3 hours later.

12- Can I only rent out my dress if I don’t want to sell it?

We Do by Esposa offers the options of Renting Out/Selling or Selling only. You cannot choose the option of rental only.

13 - When should I return my dress after renting it?

The dress can be rented from any country around the world under the condition of returning it within 10 days’ maximum.